Atomic Email Tracker can gather statistics on how often:

  • email (newsletter, message) was opened;
  • links were clicked;

When you use a third party group mailer, you need to make some additional actions described below to collect stats using our tracking service.

1. If you need to track how many people open your e-mail message

Add the following invisible image to the bottom of you message.

Change the following identifiers to your own:

MYCAMPAIGNID - type any email campaign text identifier here. The max length is 15 characters.

MYCRYPTEDLOGIN - md5 hash of your Email Tracker login (e-mail address). If you have any problems creating md5 hash, please open tracker Control Panel and you will find it there.

When a user opens email messages with such an image in Outlook or any other email program, it will try to load the image, so, the message opening will be tracked and information about opened messages collected and saved in Atomic Email Tracker panel.

2. If you need to track which links are clicked

A link in your e-mail message looks, for example, like:

If you wish to collect the stats how often these links are clicked, you need change it to:*MYCAMPAIGNID**2

In place of red fields enter the identifiers (see the first stage).

Trial period

Create a Tracker account and get the opportunity to evaluate the service for 10 days for free without any limitations! If you like the service, you can pay for the its extension right from your Mail Tracker Control Panel.

How much does it cost?

You can purchase Atomic Email Tracker subscription by clicking on the Buy link. The service costs $ 12.85 a month or you can pay $ 79.85 a year.


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