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Web form scripts

Adding a subscription form to the site is a good practice in e-mail marketing. User simply enters his e-mail address, confirms the action and becomes subscribed.

Atomic Subscription Manager offers a very quick and simple method. You need upload a small PHP-script to your website, the rest will be done by the program automatically. Here's step-by-step hot to add a web form to your site:

  1. Upload a file get_addresses.php to your web server;
  2. Insert contents of file form.php to your web page. It will display a small form for subscription;
  3. Create two files addlist.csv and deletelist.csv and set permission 666 for these files;

Actually, it's enough. You also may customize the form by changing the constants in get_addresses.php.

Files get_addresses.php and form.php are accessible on our site.

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