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Main menu

Main menu


New project wizard - creates a new project, launches the Project options dialog for the new project.

Project options - shows project properties, launches the Project options dialog for the current project.

Remove list - deletes current project.

Disable/enable project - disables/enables executing set rules during scheduled times.

Minimize to tray - closes the program window.

Shutdown - shuts the program down.


Add - adds a subscriber to the current project.

Edit - allows editing current subscriber properties in the project.

Delete - deletes all selected users from the list.


Common settings - launches the Properties dialog (common settings).

Internet options - launches the Internet options applet panel.

Language - change the program language


Send mail to list - run Atomic Mail Sender, create newsletter and send mail to subscribers.

Verify mailing list - run Atomic Mail Verifier and verify mailing list entries.

Main window of the program
How to create a new subscription
How to manage mailing lists
Customer support