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Common Settings

Common Settings of Atomic Subscription Manager

Projects directory: default folder where the program wants to create new projects. We recommend to use the dafault value suggested by the program.

Mailing lists: the default folder where mailing lists are stored. We recommend to use the dafault value suggested by the program.

Minimize to tray: when checked, a tray icon will appear when window is minimizaed. Button from task bar is removed.

Minimize on close: when checked, the program does not close when you click Cross in the window corner. It only minimized. To close the program, you need choose File / Shutdown menu.

Windows XP / Vista users should be aware of the fact that the program may not be visible in the tray. The reason for this is that Windows XP / Vista automatically hides icons of the infrequently used programs. T his option can be turned off in Windows XP / Vista settings. Alternatively, you can press the button with arrows near the tray to show all hidden icons.

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