The Atomic Email Studio extracted a lot of potential clients email lists, it saved lots of time for me.

I was looking for the best solution for email marketing to promote my services. Finally I found it: Email Studio. Today I am really pleased with the way this program works, and with the benefits I get from email marketing.

A good and comprehensive solution for email marketing needs, includes all relevant features and options.

I tried the demo called Atomic Email Studio. I am impressed. Good quality, easy to maneuver. Offered a variety of software that are needed to aim anyone's business. I recommend it. Try it and see for yourself.

Fantastic Product!! Used the trial version and knew within minutes that it's the best product out there. With just a few minutes set up, I was able to search for target  contacts, add the contacts automatically into my database, make customized company emails to send, validate that the emails work, create a subscription and exclude list... ALL IN ONE, AMAZING

I am buying the Atomic Studio! I tried the test version and couldn't believe how fast this software is. In a matter of seconds, I had almost 3,000 email addresses! Compared to the free software I was using, this is astonishing. It took hours, and sometimes days, to do the same thing, plus I get all the extras to manage my campaigns! 

I just want to say I've been using AtomPark software for years, mainly Atomic Email Sender and Email Hunter. Recently, I purchased Atomic Email Studio and it was working fantastic! I finally came across an issue where I needed Technical Support.

They emailed me back very quickly and I started to use their chat feature. They stayed with me until my problem was solved and it really saved my business. I heavily rely on their software to acquire and send emails.

I'm so confident in their software right now and I highly recommend them to anyone!

Thank you

I have searched and tried many similar softwares on web. But most of them had a missing feature or was not suitable for our needs. When I found and used atompark software Atomic Email Studio, I stop searching. Really great product, planning to purchase more user licence.

Hi, I tried the free Atomic Email Studio and checked how easy it found email addresses in different categories, and I was really amazed that precised way your product worked. Powerful software!

I tried the Atomic Email Studio, this is the best software at affordable price. We are saving more manpower after use of Email Studio. Recommend to all.

Email Studio is a great software. I used this software to verify all my mailing lists and send emails without any hassle. The Atomic Email Spider crawls into all websites giving me all the emails which are been seen inside every page. Don't think - just give a try for the Trial. You will be surprised.

Very helpful

Excellent Feedback! Your reply was helpful, concise and comprehensive. Thank You so much

Awesome product

What a great Software. Easy to use and user-friendly. Good for a business like ours. Thank you, Atomic.

Superb software. Highly recommend!

chi?n mu?n l?y info

Nice product. Works as advertised - very helpful.

I am using the trial version of Email Studio software and it is very beneficial for my company for the products promotion and advertising, for gathering clients' information who related to my company, for sending mail to them and promote my business.

If you gonna create email marketing campaign look no more because atomic email studio is top product for that. It helped me a lot.

I am an independent coordinator for marketing for Samhitha Innovations, Bangalore

Shobha Stones,Ongole,Andhra Pradesh

We done extensive research on google finding similar software and find yours to be the apt and best suiting our requirement. We have gone through the reviews and we are satisfied with your software performance reviews.

Impossible to activate software with the keys ... Technical support just said us that we ahve laready use this key in an onhter computer ... But I wrong. They closed the ticket and that all ... Don' buy Atomic Studio because after a few time you will be blocked by the Atomic Server and there will be no one to help you !!!

Stay away! Bunch of disjointed programs which do not work correctly. Very poor user interface. It mixes data columns on export. Poor support. We purchased the full Studio. Ended up not using it.

Atomic Email Studio has a great trial version. Looking forward to starting on the complete package

its great software

i like it

Very bad product! Always freezes and often crushes. I constantly restart my computer if I work with it. Besides I am requesting to refund my money, but seems like it is not gonna happen. I don't recommend this software!

The Atomic Email Studio looks like a great program to use for email marketing. This '9 in 1' program helps me to expand my business. Thank you AtomPark Software

El servicio es bueno y practico, muy recomendable.

Been using this product for two weeks now. After you throw some searches at it, you start to figure out what works and what doesn't, then you drill down to dig for the golden nuggets!

Clear, easy to use software and great support. Could not be easier - that's why I bought it!

Very Bad Experince! STAY AWAY FROM THOSE SCAMMERS! Catch: You get to activate only once. Which means even if software is not compatible or your laptop is stolen or your vps is dead you have to buy another licnse. Which Means they wont reset it!! You gotta pay for something that Never Works!! Their Support for license is Joke. They are just another Money Sucking Moron! I used their software. It was not able to handle huge list. So i installed in another machine. (I swear i never saw anywhere about how many machines i can install). Even that had many crashing issue. I contacted support and gave all Proofs. they blocked my license and telling to but another one at $201. Its a PURE SCAM! Stay Away!

Great product! Installation was very fast and simple, highly recommended to use.

I purchased Email Studio and found that this is the best software I have ever used.  I would suggest you if you need any of atomic software, don't hesitate to purchase it, do it right now!

Atomic Email Studio seems promissing but the demo version is too strongly restricted that cannot allow evaluating the real capability of the software suite.

studio pack

software email studio email tracker

i liked email studio

The software is awesome ! Just everything you need in one package !

Better then Send blaster. I like most of the tools given in one Atomic Studio.

This is a good product. It works like magic. I have been trying to get a product like this and now I found Atomic Email Studio. Please try to use this product it will help you grow your business and take you to the next level.

Had a great service from Galina and she has been helpful. Please thank her for me

I have been using Atomic Email Studio and Web Spider for 3 years. Its always been pleasure using these softwares. It helps in online marketing a lot.

Atomic Email Studio is worth it. Its an automatic sales Machines of our time...

Fully and strongly recommended to all online marketers who is struggling to make a comfortable earning. Say Good bye to all other fake software.You don't need to have any kind of experience or Training, you don't need to purchase any kind of Email Database. Just Make your own database and verify the emails by your own. Send Secure emails using their SMTP servers. To be very honest.. This is the best software that one can have either for himself or for his company. Thank you Atomic Team!

hi. Atomic email studio is the best software for emarketing. it organises everything and make it very simple to market products. its the best you can get

I tested the trial version of this software and was very much impressed with the loads of services provided in the same.I have decided to BUY it straight away considering the needs of an email campaign which are all available in this software...i will also recommend professionals to go in for this product as i feel this is the BEST !

I gone the trial version of Studio, found awesome with features and functionality. I would recommend the entrepreneurs to always buy the industry standard tools like Atomic. I appreciate the efforts and technology deployed to create such wonderful products.

Great product!! Made selling domains much easier. Thanks

I have been testing out the free version for a couple of days now and am very pleased with the results. I am purchasing the product immediately and think this will help me grow my travel business.

I'm searching for a complete email campaign. ATOMIC EMAIL STUDIO deliver them all in one easy platform. The best software I've ever seen.

There is only one thing I can guarantee about Atomic Email Studio: it is Pure Magic!!! It works! It rocks! It's worth your bucks! This is the only recommended software for a real, serious marketer out there. I can't be happier I'm using it.

This the software to buy for email marketing.

After many bad experiences so I found what I am looking for Atomic Email Studio Pack Meet the ease and professionalism. For me one of my core solutions

I used a lot of different software for email marketing almost five years, but Email Studio is the best. This package giving you so much possibilities and convenience, which others can't. Thank you very match.

This is one of the best solutions and it’s easy and faster. Many tools are available to use. I would like to recommend this product to my friends.

Omer Saud Khan(Company:Q8 Q8developers)

Ultimate Email Marketing software till date I have seen. Its really amazing. It has increased our business sales drastically. Keep going.....


I love this software and I advise every internet marketer to use it

I tried the Atomic email studio and also the Atomic email hunter,both are the best software at affordable price. Do not spend your advertisement budget on CPC instead buy those software and you use them for many years.

I have been using these services from past 3 years and this is the best Email Marketing Software you will ever find. Don't waste your time on Searching over the internet. You might end up with some kind of Fraud and Spams. My opinion is to go with these services immediately. You don't need to have any kind of experience or Training, you don't need to purchase any kind of Email Database. Just Make your own database and verify the emails by your own. Send Secure emails using their SMTP servers. To be very honest.. This is the best software that one can have either for himself or for his company. Thank you AtomPark Team!

Email Studio has saved me the 2 days a week I use to spend finding leads and writing emails! What a god send! Thx

Email Studio is a great package which simplifies the marketing campaigns and after researching the various softwares, we decided to use this for our marketing dept.

Works exactly as described, Online chat team extremely helpful and quick replying, definitely worth purchasing.

I have long been searching for a program like this, with the necessary functions included.

This software is something that will deliver continues results day in and day out. Top Professionals

I have searched and tried many email marketing software's, this one is the best in result, ease of use, with many features, add on facilities, and rightly priced, it has made marketing and search easier for our company. Thank You.

superb !!! email studio has got everything that i need for email marketing thanks to developers wonderful job !!!

Befor we had wasted time and energy finding email addresses. Thanks for the great product.

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i will like to thank Natalie Nikitiuk , help me alot about their product, let me know and understand now. thank, i will go and puchase atomic email studio.


An amazing software suite that's invaluable to my business. Converting to Atomic Email Studio has saved me time and money.

In spite of the promises the technical support in my opinion is negative. I bought Email Studio three weeks ago and the verify does noet working properly. The Q

I have tried Atomic Email Studio. It is working great. Great tool to have for email marketing.

As I am a beginner and I was not sure at all that how to do bulk emailing as well as with high inbox success rate. I tried many programs before and I was just frustrated. But now I get this software and this thing just change my life in a moment. This is true. All headaches are gone in a day. I am very happy to their service. Thanks Mass Mail Software. Nayeem

We marketed our business seminar using the Atomic Email Studio. We achieved an open rate of 87% and 689 registrations in the first day!”

Evaluated email hunter and studio WOW! easy and nice perfect interface ,few cliks and emails are ready to be send , i need all modules ,it is important in our marketing to do perfect targets all the time.Thank guys

this is my first time and its has been the best so far.

It is the best program i have seen for email marketing. 

This Suite does not work fully - email servers do not allow it to send bulk emails, therefore, not worth the money. This company is not customer service friendly and will not refund $299 for the suite. Also, the hunter found 160 emails of which only 30 were good addresses. Not a product that I found to be the quality or program useful to my company. And, with the poor customer service, I would not recommend supporting this company in any way.

atomic email studio

System easy to work and does not require programming skills. The system is efficient and stable. Settings step by step and easy to understand. Great system, I recommend

We manage email lists and campaigns for small and medium sized businesses, under a few business names. I think the Atomic Suite, has enough tools to allow us to build, clean and manage lists. I really like being able to purchase the software and only pay the ongoing fees for the online services.

Our company owns last version of Atomic Email Studio as we are using Email Hunter and Email Sender almost daily. Our clients require from us relability and quick response on demand of their needs for direct marketing. We reccomed this software as complex solution for any kind of spreading information across clients, audithory or individuals.

I keep getting spammed to send testimonial. I have repeatedly asked to be taken off this list. My product has expired. Why have I not re-newed??? Because the product continuously corrupted. Technical support was sarcastic and non obliging. I need and want this type of product and have chosen to go to mail king as a result of the sarcastic and non obliging technical support of atom park. I have used my own technical suppor and still could not make the product work properly "EVER" during the time we had it. .......please feel free to use this as my tesitmonial and once for all stop spamming me with testimonial requests....

Great Program! I will stand behind you products as a very cost effective marketing tool well suite of tools and it as certainly increased my sales, I wish all products that were out there had your ROI.

I Must Say, This Company Never Ceases To Amaze Me. Not Only Is The Above Every Bit As True And Accurate As It Was The Day That I Made The Comment.  Tonight I had To Go Online To Their Support. Not Due To The Software. As It Will Happen The Computer That I Run The Software On, Has A Catastrophic Failure. I Replaced The Unit With A New Computer.  I Went to their website, Fully Expecting  To “ jump Through A Few Hoops”. No Matter How Great The Software Was, No Matter How Very Helpful The Staff Had Been When I Had Purchased The Software. It was two Years Later And I had Even Changed My Email Address. (The Email You Use When Purchase Becomes Your User Name) , And It Was 2:00AM Monday  Morning! Much To My Surprise When I clicked To Begin Chat  A Support Tech. Mike Responded. He Was Friendly, Knowledgeable, He Looked Up My Account, Changed The E-Mail To My New One. He Send Me A Link To The Download Area,  Made Certain I Could Log-In an Activate my download!

All Companies  Could Learn A lot About Customer Care, Customer Satisfaction And Customer Retention From Atomic Park.

Great software. After weeks of research, we settled for Atomic Email Studio. Lots of features, great UI, and very helpful support. Keep on the great work guys.


I just want to say I've been using AtomPark software looks good for my newsletters and advertising mail. I'm so confident in their software right now and I highly recommend them to anyone! Excellent program!

If I needed Technical Support. They emailed me back very quickly and I started to use their chat feature. They stayed with me until my problem was solved.

…I now own your entire suite of products and I'm very happy and will be recommending to all.

  • It works great without bugs.
  • It as certainly increased my sales.
  • You have got to try this.
  • You will not regret using it

Your product is very good for us.  It can help us to save more times to do the marketing distribution.
But we need more functional that we learn and used it before from other brand. 

This is the functional that we need
1. The address book, we can group it.
2. Disable or enable some email that we want to sent or not sent.
3. Import & Export into address book group.

Our marketing department is often tasked with targeting and creating email lists for campaigns on a monthly basis. The tools we used previously just weren’t cutting it so we tried out Atomic Email Studio. We’ve had great results and its makes email list acquisition and creation a breeze.