Atomic Email Studio Screenshots

Atomic Email Studio Screenshot 1 - switching to Atomic Email Studio

Switch to Atomic Email Studio

In the process of Atomic Email Studio installing you will be offered to re-arrange icons in order to customize your Desktop and Start menu. If your lick Yes all Atomic products icons on your Desktop and Atomic programs in the Start menu will be replaced with only one

You can skip this step if you don't' like to change your settings.

Atomic Email Studio Screenshot 2 - Main window and tools

Tools tab

Here you can view all Mailing lists and projects created in Atomic programs (e.g. in Atomic Email Sender project includes the body of the newsletter and the list of recipients).

Now you will not loose them, you will always find your documents in one place

Atomic Email Studio Screenshot 3 - Service Tab

Services tab

Upon clicking Services tab you will be asked to enter email and password you used for registration with Atomic services, enter any login data, Studio will identify you and all your Atomic accounts). After you compete logging in, you will see the latest data available in the control panels of Atomic services you are subscribed for.

Atomic Email Studio Screenshot 4 - News Tab

News tab

In this window you will see the latest articles from Atomic Marketing Blog and news from AtomPark Software (new products releases, upgrades, discounts etc.)

A yellow bulb highlighting a topic means this topic hasn't been read.

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