Manage your mailing list automatically

Atomic Subscription Manage is a software to create, manage and operate mailing lists


Manage your mailing listLet's pay attention to configuring the most widespread utility for automatically adding and deleting subscribers via email, mailing list manager and bounced email handler - Atomic Subscription Manager.

Suppose we are going to use the news@sitcom address to manage a mailing list. In this case to be added to the list, a user has to to send an empty e-mail with the SUBSCRIBE subject to this address (in our case, it's, or he has to to send an e-mail with the REMOVE subject if he want to unsubscribe from the list. You should do the following to configure Atomic Subscription Manager:

  1. Make a new project using File/ Project. Use the new dialog box to name the project and specify the path to an existing mailing list, specify the address that will be used for interaction between users and the mailing list (in our case it's Then use the SMTP page to specify the address of the SMTP server via which subscription status notifications will be sent to users. After that, the new project appears in the project tree in the left part of the window.
  2. Switch to the POP/IMAP Rule page. The form that should be filled out for mail list management to function properly is displayed on the left. At that very stage, we have to name the newly created Rule, specify the mail server address and type in the Server Options group, as well as assign a mailbox to it and specify its password (mind that very often the user name doesn't coincide with the mailbox name; for example, it's not obligatory that the name of the mailbox will be "news". Then select the Remove User checkbox in the Actions group and enter "Undeliverable Message" in the field next to it. You can either set an interval to execute the Rule or set it to be executed manually (it's not recommended to set a short interval, in most cases the optimal interval is 30 minutes). When you are through with all this, don't forget to save all Rules by clicking the Save button..
  3. We've finished. To make sure the program functions properly, send an email with the SUBSCRIBE subject from any mailbox to Then, if the manual Rules execution interval has been set, click the "Apply Now" button to run the program immediately. At the same time, Atomic Subscription Manager establishes a connection to the mail server to check if there are any emails available. If there are some, Atomic Subscription Manager will upload them to the mailbox and delete from the server at once.
  4. After that the user is automatically sent a message requesting to confirm his intention. It will help to avoid unauthorized subscription for unknown addresses. The user is added to the list as soon as he confirms his intention to subscribe by replying to the received massage.

Atomic Subscription Manager only processes mailing lists. It does not send your newsletters, except for small notifications and confirmations. To send a newsletter, use a group mail sending utility, for example Atomic Mail Sender.

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