Handling bounced emails

Every time you send a newsletter, you get a great number of email messages notifying you of temporary address unavailability, mailbox overflow or some other reasons your mail could not be delivered. Of course, it's not a problem if you deal with a few hundred addresses only and all of them are verified by email verification software (Atomic Mail Verifier, for example). In this case the number of bounced emails is insignificant and you can delete dead addresses manually. But very often in practice mailing lists number thousands or even tens of thousands of addresses so you are practically bogged down in countless bounces each time you send bulk email! To automate the process of dead address removal, it's quite reasonable to use special software, Atomic Subscription Manager in particular.

Atomic Subscription Manager is a multipurpose program for automatic mailing list management. The program can remove all addresses that got bounced with nonexistent email address notifications from the mailing list automatically. Simultaneously the mailing list for future delivery is synchronized automatically so you don't have to do it manually any more.

Here is an example demonstrating the process of dead address automatic deletion with the help of Atomic Subscription Manager.

  1. Create a new project using File/ Project. In the new dialog box name the project and specify the path to an existing mailing list.
  2. Switch to the POP/IMAP Rule page. The form that should be filled out for mail list management to function properly is displayed on the left. At that very stage, we have to name the newly created Rule, specify the mail server address and type in the Server Options group, as well as assign a mailbox to it and specify its password (mind that very often the user name doesn't coincide with the mailbox name; for example, it's not obligatory that the name of the news@site.com mailbox will be "news". Then select the Remove User checkbox in the Actions group and enter "Undeliverable Message" in the field next to it. You can either set an interval to execute the Rule or set it to be executed manually (it's not recommended to set a short interval, in most cases the optimal interval is 30 minutes). When you are through with all this, don't forget to save all Rules by clicking the Save button.
  3. After that you can create Rules with keywords like "Returned mail: see the transcript /FAILED/", "Mail delivery failed", "Delivery has failed". Thus, it will not be a big problem to delete all dead addresses automatically.

For your information

A few links about e-mail validation and how to get rid of bounced email messages in your mailbox:

How to download and purchase the subscription manager

To order Atomic Subscription Manager, simply click the link below or learn more about alternative payment methods. Before ordering, you can get the downloadable version of Atomic Subscription Manager.