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Atomic Subscription Manager

Create, manage and process your mailing lists automatically


Atomic Subscription Manager Screenshot - manage email lists automaticallyAtomic Subscription Manager is a mailing list manager. Once installed, this program automatically handles all user requests to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from your mailing lists. The number of mailing lists that can be maintained is not limited. Atomic Subscription Manager is a subscription central station working 24 hours a day in real time. Simply install the program, create a mailing list, define rules for maintaining the list and minimize the program to the tray. After that the program will run automatically.

Each list can have its own unique rules how to subscribe and unsubscribe users. Following Internet ethics, the subscription can be activated by either the initial request (i.e. as soon as the user sends you a SUBSCRIBE message) or by the secondary confirmation (when the user confirms his/her subscription by e-mail). The second method is recommended and preferred by many.

Mailing list management commands from the following sources can be processed:

  • Incoming mail (POP or IMAP). The program can parse incoming mail and find there the commands to subscribe or unsubscribe users. Optionally, it can send notifications about subscription success or failure. The program has a built-in mailer.

  • HTTP or FTP. The program can periodically poll files on remote servers to acquire e-mail addresses to add or remove them from a mailing list. To use this option, add a newsletter subscription form to your web site and allow visitors to subscribe without additional confirmations.

  • Local files. The program can periodically poll files on your computer and load the list of e-mail addresses to add or remove from a mailing list. This option should be used if your home computer is used as a dedicated server or you manually download lists with e-mail addresses from the Internet.

  • Manually. You can add or remove users from the list manually (for example, the user may ask you to subscribe him by phone or in some other way).

Why to process mailing lists automatically?

Starting a bulk email advertising campaign and establishing and sending a periodic newsletter, you usually begin with a small mailing list containing a few hundred subscribers. After sending the first batch of messages, you usually receive several bounced messages and removal requests. Certainly, if you find less then 10-30 of such messages, you can edit your mailing list manually. But what if your list starts to grow? Will you still be able to manually process, say, 300 removal requests and 500 subscription requests each week? Also, how about bounced email? You will receive hundreds of such messages too! Obviously, not. To automate this process, you should use subscription management software like Atomic Subscription Manager.

Unlike other programs that only process mailing list with e-mail commands, Atomic Subscription Manager can download new addresses from web sites via the HTTP or FTP protocol. Some people use the Internet in Internet cafes or other public places, like libraries, where they have no access to their personal e-mails. Why lose them? Add a small form to the site to allow them to subscribe immediately by entering their e-mail addresses into the Subscription box. Atomic Subscription Manager will process their requests.

As a result of sending a batch of messages, you always receive some removal requests. Again, some users reply the REMOVE or UNSUBSCRIBE word in the Subject line, others fill out the web form. Most mailing list managers can process e-mail removal requests while web form results have to be processed manually. Atomic Subscription Manager's significant advantage is that it can process both types of requests automatically by periodically downloading files from the site to unsubscribe the users who filled out the web form.

Atomic Subscription Manager only manages mailing lists. It does not send any e-mail messages, except for notifications. To do that, use a bulk mailer, for example Atomic Mail Sender, which is fully integrated with the program in question.

How to download and purchase Subscription Manager

To order Atomic Subscription Manager, simply click the "Buy..." link below. Before ordering, you can get the downloadable trial version of Atomic Subscription Manager.