Send newsletters

We develop the complete suite of newsletter management software. It includes:

Atomic Mail Sender (AMS)

Atomic Subscription Manager (ASM)

Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV)

Atomic List Manager (ALM)

and Atomic Email Tracker

Here is a small "how-to" that will help you start a new newsletter or email campaign.

Newsletter sending software

How it works

AMS is a program for sending newsletters. It uses mailing lists of any file formats (TEXT, CSV, EXCEL, ACCESS, etc.), prepares a newsletter email message and then sends it directly to its recipients. Combined together with Atomic Subscription Manager and Atomic Mail Verifier, these software applications automate the entire process of address management. You do not have to add or remove users manually anymore!

After newsletter is sent, Atomic Email Tracker may measure it. You can know how many users read newsletter, which links they click, etc. It provides 10 various reports.

AMV is used to verify e-mail addresses in the list. This should be done periodically, because sometimes addresses "die" (their owners close their mailboxes, loose them, etc.). AMV utilizes all three available e-mail address verification techniques allowing you to choose between the fastest check time and the highest quality of processing ("deep" mailing list cleanup). Among those techniques are e-mail address syntax checks, mail domain existence and response checks, and, finally, complete SMTP mailbox checks.

ASM interconnects newsletter recipients and your mailing list. It can manage the mailing list , subscribe and remove recipients automatically. Once installed, this program automatically handles all user requests to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the mailing list. The number of mailing lists that can be maintained is not limited. Atomic Subscription Manager is a subscription central station working 24 hours a day in real time. Simply install the program, create a mailing list, define rules for maintaining the list and minimize the program to the tray. After that the program will run automatically.

ALM performs different actions under mailing lists. It can sort, subtract, delete duplicated e-mail addresses. It may do about 20 diferent mailing list operations.


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