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Atomic Email Autoresponder

Send sequential e-mail replies automatically

Atomic Email Autoresponder Screenshot - Automatic email autoresponderAtomic Email Autoresponder (AEA) is a really must-have program for effective communication with your customers. This product can take upon itself the most part of interaction with your prospects and customers. When a new person sends you an email containing certain fields or information, Atomic Email Autoresponder discerns that information and starts "talking" this person in accordance with the rules you set.

Using the responder software, you can configure sending sequential e-mail replies to your new customers automatically, including the automatic replies to their requests by e-mail. For example, you can notify your dealers that all they have to do is send you a message with "New Price" in the subject and they will be immediately sent a new price list for your products. Believe us - it is sure to succeed!

AEA will be your personal assistant that is never tired, does everything exactly on time and never goes on a vacation. At the same time, it will ask for a really small wages.

The program can increase your customers' loyalty as according to the latest estimates, expenses on keeping old customers are considerably lower than expenses on attracting new ones. Here is Atomic Email Autoresponder to help you again. It will never let your customers forget about you. According to the schedule you specify, AEA will notify your customers and prospects about new products, special offers, discounts, etc.

This software can be configured so that almost instantly after a user sends you a message, the program will analyze it and send a reply. It is you who creates an autoresponse message. It is a regular message completely supporting HTML, attachments and graphics. The message editor is identical to that of Outlook.

Atomic Email Autoresponder can be started together with Windows and run virtually invisibly for you. All you have to do is open the program from time to time to look through its reports about the last sent autoresponses (including the sequential ones).

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