Reseller Program

AtomPark Software Inc. Reseller Program

Who is a reseller ?
Reseller is a company or a person who resells copies of our products directly to their customers.

Why should I become a reseller ?
If you want to manage the complete process of marketing, selling and assignment of licenses to your customers without directing them to our website or payment system, reseller program is a right way for you.
Another advantage of our reseller program is that you can offer your own pricing to your customers (higher or lower than prices on website).

What will I pay for licenses as a reseller?
We offer all licenses to our resellers with a 30% discount from the prices listed on our website. This means that a reseller can buy a license for his customer for $70 if the original license costs $100.

To take part in our Reseller Program you need to buy credits from AtomPark Software Inc. - they will be assigned to your account in the reseller area. There is no minimum payment, no signup fee, all credits you buy will be spent on licenses. After you spend your credits you will need to buy more. You can order initial credit using this link:
After the payment we will manually setup your reseller account, it can take 1-2 business days.

Technical problems, including bug fixes are handled by AtomPark Software. A reseller will need to handle presale support as well as support on basic questions about product with his customers. The best case scenario if the reseller provides support to their customers in the language of country for which is the reseller is responsible.

International Resellers

We have a special offer for multilingual resellers:

  • Translate our software into your native language
  • Create a website where you will sell our products
  • Provide support to your customers

And we will make sure you are properly rewarded for your input:
We will offer a higher reseller discount(40%) and the payment links in your localized version will lead to your website. It's a huge increase in sales becasue every cusomer who downloads our software from a shareware website and switches to their native language will be buying through your payment links. We will also link to your local website from all our pages bringing you traffic and link popularity!

Exclusive Resellers

Existing resellers who sell for several thousand dollars every month (amount varies from coutry to country) and provide support to their customers can qualify for exclusive reselling. Exclusive resellers receive 50% discount, links from our website, payment links and links to their websites embedded into software and more.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program please contact our affiliate manger at