Atomic Mail Sender 8.10 - Manage Subscribers Easily!

Atomic Mail Sender 8.10 - Manage Subscribers Easily!

Our company has released a new version of Atomic Mail Sender 8.10. This update has fixes for all known errors that appeared after the major release of 2012 so far - Atomic Mail Sender 8.0. And of course there are some nice new features as well.

The biggest news of this release is new options for cleaning your mailing list of bounces and unsubscribed recipients. You can start the unsubscribe wizard and in a few clicks remove subscribers from your list:

  1. by pasting a list of emails
  2. by entering your POP3 (incoming mail) server details only once. Atomic Mail Sender will connect to your mail server, check your bounces and emails from subscribers who sent you an email with "remove" or "unsubscribe" in the subject line.
  3. by connecting to the web form script located on your server. You can download the forms at and add them to your website according to the instructions. Atomic Mail Sender will connect to your server, add new subscribers to your list and remove those who unsubscribed.

Clients who bought the software less than a year ago can update free of charge by downloading the latest version at  

Those who bought Atomic Mail Sender over a year ago can update with a 40% discount from the standard price. To upgrade please login to the member area at and click "Click here to update (40% OFF)"

If you own any other Atomic software you will get 20% discount for Atomic Mail Sender after you login to

Please contact our support team at if you need help with upgrade or purchase.

Publication date: 2012-04-03