Atomic Mail Sender 4.00 beta

Atomic Mail Sender 4.00 beta

Today AtomPark Software announces the beta test for Atomic Mail Sender 4.00. AMS is an utility capable of effective bulk emailing. Learn more about AMS tool 

Several new features have been included in this release, they are:

  • bug and error fixes (some errors in test message delivery status, Speed Limiter error in External Email Delivery, data merging bug - fields with spaces could be inserted with error, errors in opening multi-column Excel files, Error in moving email list from Recipietns list to the Send Mail Monitor, error in editing email contacts in Recipients list);
  • many user interface changes
  • some email re-delivery rules changes
  • tables editing - add/delete rows/columns/cells via main menu
  • some helpful hints (suggestion to name the tracking campaign by the project file name; advise not to send a huge messages; reminder on loading AMS 2.xx files) 
  • detailed reports about sent newsletters in html 
  • 2 more settings for SMTP server authentication (now with secure password support)
  • a possibility to stop delivery instantly with one click

 We would like to thank you in advance for your hard work in testing this version. We have made some improvements in  AMS and we hope that if you never had a chance to use Atomic Mail Sender, you will give this version a try.

AMS 4.0 beta download page (3 Mb):

From ICQ chat with one of our customer who has tested AMS beta:

16:26:14 Caprihorse: I tried AMS beta 2
16:26:31 atompark: well. how is it?
16:26:56 Caprihorse: the 1st impression, is much faster, yesterday I shot my 13,000 emails just in 2 hours, before it was around 14 hours.

Publication date: 2006-11-03