Atomic Mail Verifier updated v.7.10

Atomic Mail Verifier updated v.7.10

AtomPark Software is glad to announce the totally renewed and updated Atomic Mail Verifier 7.10 version release.

Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV) allows Internet marketers to verify email addresses of newsletter subscribers cleaning mailing lists of outdated and non-existing email addresses.

The list of AMV 7.10 updates includes:

  • faster domain check by means of caching previous queries
  • new Export Wizard (export to OpenOffice, save lists with desired statuses)
  • new upload file by dragging it to the form capability
  • new filters with confidential domains by default has been added
  • number of treads can be limited now
  • the stability of the program has been enhanced
  • some filter errors have been checked
  • a bug rising while removing the program has been fixed

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Publication date: 2011-10-28