Atomic Email Tracker 5.0 release

Atomic Email Tracker 5.0 release

We are proud to announce that new features have been added to Atomic Email Tracker version 5.0 functionality. 

Atomic Email Tracker is a web-based email campaigns monitoring service. More info...

The control panel of Atomic Email Tracker 5.0 has been improved to provide more statistics in the most convenient way.

Here are new features added to version 5.0:

- unique actions tracking has been added, non-unique actions are still tracked as well
- now you can delete all campaigns at once (use "Delete All" feature) or each campaign separately
- Atomic Email Tracker can be set to have your reports delivered via e-mail (Mail & RSS in Statistics section)
- ability to export some results into RSS has been added (Mail & RSS in Statistics section)
- IP addresses, browser types and operating systems of your recipients are tracked now (see Recipients' Activity report)
- graphing has been improved
- operating speed of the service increased greatly
- navigation system has been improved
- all known bags have been fixed

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Publication date: 2009-11-02