Atomic Mail Sender 9.01 Update

Atomic Mail Sender 9.01 Update

We present to you the brand new version of Atomic Mail Sender 9.01!

The improved version includes the following changes:

  • Proxy checker. The settings window was added.
  • Now you can enter diacritic characters (with right Alt), such as - ą ś ó ł ż ź ć ń and similar.
  • The bug that occurred during SSL connection in Windows 8 is fixed.
  • Bounce Analyzer. The bug connected with email processing is fixed.
  • Bounce Analyzer. IMAP4. The processing of big email boxes has been improved.
  • Bounce Analyzer. Journal connection. Statistics were added.
  • The bug that occurred while removing servers from the list after SMTP Checker is fixed.
  • The bug connected with random images is fixed.
  • Image editor. Unknown file format bug is fixed.
  • Table editor. An error that occurred when merging cells is fixed.
  • Unsubscribe wizard. An error that occurred during connection is fixed.
  • Image editor has been improved.

You can download Atomic Mail Sender 9.01 here.

Publication date: 2014-12-05