Download Atomic Mail Sender 4.1 free beta

Download Atomic Mail Sender 4.1 free beta

AtomPark Software is glad to announce the beta test for Atomic Mail Sender 4.10.

AMS is an utility capable of effective bulk emailing and email campaign monitoring. It looks like many email clients, but without that embarrassing exposure of email addresses and with much more powerful features concerning sending email and tracing email sent. Learn more about Atomic Mail Sender

Click on the following link to download AMS 4.1 beta (4,35 Mb):

New features in AMS 4.10:

  • Bugs fixes;
  • Some improvements for better integration with Atomic Email Tracker;
  • Windows Vista support;
  • Many improvements in UI;

We would like to thank you in advance for your hard work in testing this version. We have made some improvements in AMS and hope that this version can meet your requirement and come closer to "100% bug-free" ideal.

We are waiting for your comments concerning AMS 4.10 beta! Please send your testimonials, bugs found and suggestions concerning new AMS 4.10 to

*AMS 4.1 beta limitation: max. 410 emails can be sent every time.

Publication date: 2007-03-16