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Here is a list of our recent news about new software produts, software updates etc. The front news are published at the main page of the site. Recent articles about email marketing are available here.

2009-04-09:  Atomic Mail Sender 5.08 release
2008-12-31:  New Atomic Mail Sender 5.00 release
2008-12-24:  Merry Christmas
2008-12-12:  New product! Atomic Bluetooth Sender
2008-12-04:  Affiliate commission 50%!
2008-11-26:  Happy Thanksgiving day by AtomPark Software
2008-10-13:  Atomic List Manager 3.30 release
2008-10-06:  Atomic Mail Verifier 5.20 release
2008-09-24:  Member Area in new design
2008-08-29:  Services subscription 50% cheaper
2008-06-01:  Atomic List Manager 3.00 release
2008-04-10:  Atomic Email Autoresponder 3.00 release
2008-04-09:  Atomic Mail Sender 4.25 release
2008-03-21:  Start earning 30% to 50% with us
2008-01-29:  Join AtomPark blogging buzz!
2007-11-13:  Atomic Mail Sender 4.20 release
2007-08-30:  eMarketF forum has been renewed. Join or visit it!
2007-07-18:  Atomic Mail Verifier 5.00 with multilingual support and faster verification
2007-07-03:  Atomic Email Tracker redesign
2007-06-19:  Brand-new Atomic List Manager Online service

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