Best ever seen such wonderful marketing software. Very good customer support. Keep it up. Good Working

Tried several email senders during the past few weeks and Atomic Email Sender was the best and easiest one to use by far. Helped me to email customers in a few minutes.

So far, the Atomic Mail Sender does exactly what it's supposed to do: send out e-mails from an Excel merge list without freezing up or causing problems. It performs quite well, and it has some really useful options, like throttling and timeout pausing. Good job, AtomPark.

The Atomic Mail Sender Program met the needs of my business as an email marketer. It allowed me to send mass email to my subscribers and also potential new clients. Thanks Atomic Mailer.

I have Demo of several different bulk e-mail senders, and Atomic Mail Sender was by far the easiest to use. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an efficient bulk e-mail sender.

Great software! It works perfect, helps me to send newsletter and promote upcoming project. I work in real estate company and have been using its trial version, got good response from customers. Strongly recommended for sales and marketing guys.

Excelente software, realmente mi negocio en email ha crecido favorablemente. Es el mejor Paquete para email Marketing

Mail Sender is the best software for email marketing. Thanks

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hey there my name is jonathan and im an email marketer thanks to atomic mail sender because of this i can send mails without ristrictions and i see 30$ of increase in my sales.

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Awesome, easy to use highly recommended


Its really easy to work and user friendly. Thank you

The system is efficient and one of the best softwares for email sending to your customers.

Best software to send mass mail ever!


Fantastic Product, really loved and worth

Software is very nice.

We would like to purchase the product.

The software is great but there is no one to respond to my inquiries. I have been trying to get in touch with sales and support for the past 10 days. No reply!

Greate SOftware

Atomic Mail Sender has bulk mail sending covered. I don't have to go through the stress of sending emails. The software has all the features I need for a successful email campaign.

They have the worst record system licenses. forbid me to upgrade my operating system. I can not format my computer I try to criminal. I bought them to use the software but can not. this is a scam, ask assistance and have no one knows anything besides abuse receipt. I have asked to activate my license and I do not want to give money back. this is my ticket [#PWH-702-84198]: VERY URGENT VERY URGENT PLEASE

I tried the demo version of Atomic Mail Sender and I'm planning to purchase a license. I think that this software is exactly what I need now when my hosting provider limits the number of email I can send.

It's a great program which makes sending bulk mails very easy and save your time. We are very happy to use Atomic Mail Sender.

One of the best tools there

I need to sand 100,000 over email on my company promotional campaign.

Fast, Friendly service and knowledgeable! Galina is a good rep.

Excellent software. One of the best mass mailers on the market!

It is a very good software that deliver inbox and my company is using it.

This is a very user-friendly software. I just wanted to email you and let you know how happy I am with your Atomic Mail Sender I downloaded it today and I had NO problems with loading, sending, configuring...etc. I sent a test email that even worked! I've tried 3-4 other Bulk Email Softwares in the past 6 weeks and it seems a person would have to be a "Rocket Scientist" to make them work. Your's worked the very first time I tried it.

exactly what i need for sending newsletter

I use Atomic Mail Sender to invite thousands of groups to participate in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale each year. It's reliable, and easily lets me do what's important to me: format the email, send it from an email address of my choosing, and keep track of progress. I tried other products and services; this gives me the most value for my money.

The Atomic Mail Sender is exactly the kind of software I need to help me get the word out to thousands of people on a daily basis about my business opportunities. It’s very simple and easy to use, and I know my online efforts will grow by leaps and bounds by using it. I’d recommend it to anyone that’s serious about obtaining the kind of success in their business endeavors they’re looking to achieve.

doesnt work for me i try to use on vista...but it shows error......also my friend was using in win7 he had very tough time on this as it was hanging...his pc was crashing..better to try other one.

We were always looking for a powerful and a reliable mailing solution for our SEO firm and finally found mass mail software program Atomic Mail Sender which is meeting almost all our requirements. Thanks AtomPark for providing their service at reasonable price.

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A very nice software for sending your e-mail campaigns. I thnk they thought of everything and hace been improving it from day one. Yes very effective and well designed. 5 stars indeed.

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It is a great tool, that saves time and IP health when sending Newsletters.

I was searching for a good email extractor and found the Atomic Email Extractor and Atomic Email Sender to be the best out there. The truth is you never try you never know. Had l known this beforehand, l would have not waited time purchasing from Atomic Software. I unequivocally recommend atomic products to small and large especially those seeking to expand marketing contacts, this is a profitable tools I guarantee it.

acomodelos Ustef. please

Send your campaigns more simple and uncomplicated with Atomic Mail Sender, boms and get results in your campaigns Email Marketing.

Este é o melhor ive software usado para e-mail marketing, de longe o melhor software na internet muito rápido e vale a pena cada centavo.

Best price to send mass mail in one time fees. Its usefull for all times of mail sending. Even for Promotional/Marketing/Announcements/Wishes mail, etc. So i recommend to all to go with this application.

I used the Atomic Mail Sender, and it's an amazing software with lots of features which makes my email marketing campaign very easy to trigger.

You guys have a awesome software. Full of lots features I was looking for

GReat Software...Good Features!!!

very active company , i like atompark . i will buy many software from atompark in future.

Even in the trial version the delivery speed is very high. Now I am going to register this bulk mailer. Thank you, guys, for inbuilt templates - they helps me a lot in preparing my newsletters.

I was looking for a bulk mailing software which is easy to use . Tried so many free versions. Now I found that this is the best software in terms of delivery speed. inbuilt templates and so many other easy to use features. Till now I was using the trial version now I am going to purchase this product.

The Atomic Mail Sender is an excellent product for business usage. You will be satisfied with the functionality -Jack from Clas Com

Easy to use and practice

Hi, I downloaded Atomic Email Sender free trial yesterday, and I really like this program after testing. Now I make an order to purchase a full Email Sender version. I tried out many other software before I have chosen Atomic Email Sender - I am pleased with its way of working and useful features.

I found the mail sender to be easy to useand has good features such as scheduling and direct SMTP emailing. This is a fantastic software.

I found your software very reliable and easy friendly to use. Not like other( management-ware) we purchased and crushed in the first mailing list. yours downloaded and started working since installed no problem. No crush no hassle ( very recommended)

The Atomic mail sender is totally BadAss!!! If your an Internet marketer, and your not using this tool... your CRAZY... Thank you so much!!!

Prodotto facile da usare, completo nelle sue componenti, assistito, veloce e preciso.

The Software is excellent and full of latest feature,above all the support team is very kind and helping. This is the one attribute I rate these people a 5 start best software best people handling it.

Atom Sender is helpful to our user and useful to anyone looking for Mass Email Sender

This is the best program I found for sending mass mail simply does what it says


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Atomic Mail Sender is a fantastic program and I would never use any other mail software!!

I have actually used a couple of their products, email verifier and email sender. each was easy to use, effective... If you you plan to work with on the internet, good mailing software is essential. Atomic Park, fits the bill!

Over the years we have tried many different email sending services. Atomic email sender is by far the best when it comes to ease of use and high delivery success rate. Thanks for a great product!

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software is exactly what i need to use for my list. the support they offer sold me!

This is my personal experience with Atomic Emailer....all I can say is WOW! This software rocks! Compared to some of the other software out there like PB Emailer, there is no comparison and the ease of use and GUI interface is fantastic. Get this software and have your mails delivered...

This software is a 'must have' piece of kit to have in your Internet marketing arsenal, It is without question the best both in value and functionality I have seen to date.

I just upgraded to the latest 8.56 version. As I watch, I'm sending 20,000 e-mails using my website hosting service servers. Sender kept running even during a scheduled disc defrag and later a scheduled registry diagnostic and repair (not related to Sender.) The application is incredibly stable and hiccup free. I'm very pleased.

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Easy to use, efficient

Great program - Great Support Centre!

Perfect Software for your online marketing requirements... I will highly recommend it

This is the best software ive used for email marketing, by far the best software on the internet really fast and well worth every penny.

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I couldn't believe how simple the software is to use. I'm not tech savvy, but i was able to install and set up the software in about 30 minutes. The Mail Sender has so many features that keep me organized and saves time. I like that i'm able to personalize my mailing list with one click. Also, customer service is great. Any time i have a question or problem, i'm able to get an answer usually within 3-4 minutes. Great job Atomic!

I had tried your Mail Sender and it is so easy to setup. It is really value for money.

Great Services! much recommended. Functionalities superb and most adaptable. Customer services perfect. Feel very comfy with this software and very much user friendly.

Very good support and professional service - highly recommended. Thank you AtomPark!

This tool is amazing, and robust. I've been comparing several competitors and None of them offer the same flexibility, and forward thinking

I have used Atomic Mail Sender for some time and I find it very powerful and easy to use. Also the customer service is excellent.

nice soft its frndly to use

Have been using now for almost 10 years, we find the bulk email sending systems second to none for easy marketing.

Hi, I was always looking for a powerful and a reliable mailing solution and thanks for this atomic group they have delivered the best emailing tool. I have used atomic mail sender ans it has really helped us in giving us much more productive time in other activities as we are no more worried about sending bulk emails as we are confident it would take place automatically with this service. Thanks again - ATOMIC GROUP Ajay

I love Atomic Mail Sender soft, very well design and very easy to use

I have used lots of email sender software but Atomic sender software has all future which is not with other software.

Very nice softwares here,the best for all online email marketers or affiliate marketer.Good and stable customer service.Major online softwares available.Fully recommend the sites or anyone who want to make it big without spending all the whole time on net when softwares here can make work easier.

At last we found a reliable, impressive and easy bulk mail software. Atomic Mail Sender is the best solution. It satisfies all our needs. With one time payment we are able to send thousands of e-mails, creat multi mail-lists, it guarantees the frequency of emails, as well as allows to add Facebook and Twitter buttons into messages. I just wanted to thank You for the best and most reliable services and support that you provide! Atomic Mail Sender is the best solution ever. Thank you!

I've tried so many email marketing products on the market and every single one was overly complicated glitchy and most of the time wouldn't even work. Then I stubble upon Atomic Mail sender and I have to say Im blown away! This is by far the best email marketing sending program on the net with great customer support, intelligent back end and super easy to use. Im excited to try out all there other products next. Thank you Atomic mail sender for my success now and into the future..

need atomic mail sender

After spending some six months building an email database and 'struggling' with a competitive product to mail out to users, we found Atomic Mail Sender. Your product has saved us countless hours and headaches. I would more than happily endorse it. Well done.

i am very glad that atompark has an employee like Dmitri..i was having trouble signing into atompark mailer and came to find out that my registration has expired. he was very helpful in helping me straighten out my mes i made..( it wasn't atomparks fault ) after sharing my screen with me he took care of my problem. not to many costumer services go the extra mile like he did. im ready to start sending out emails...whoo hoo. thank you atompark and Dmitry. william aka eazyrider

Absolutely the worst product and service that I have tried. Not user friendly on any level and not satisfaction guarantee, so you are simply out the money on worthless software. Will never recommend to anyone.

Im try only the Atomic Mail Sender .. and is the best sender, thank you!

We needed a solution to allow us to keep in touch with our customer base to notify them about updates, changes, improvements and issues with our software package. Atomic Mail Sender is the best solution we could find. It is intuitive to use, fast, and professional. We have already purchased an upgrade since we originally bought it.

Send Atomic Mail is functional and great capacity for delivery, after getting properly configure the system options and it performs shipments monitored very easily to creating and organizing campaigns

I looked for a long time to find a simple inexpensive bulk mail sender and am saving money for myself and my clients using your mail sender. I LOVE it! Thanks so much for not being greedy and sharing this wonderful package !

I had tried about 10 different mailing programs. They all fell short in one way or another. I then tried a free trial of Atomic Mail. It does everything I want or needed. It is also the easiest to operate. Being a novice, I had some problems at first. My ignorance. I was able to get help at once. I have to recommend this company over all the others. I am able to send to my whole list of 21,000 plus in about one and half hours. This problem is especially great if one wants to use html. Larry in new Orleans

I hace used this software for a few days now (the trial version) and I'm really satisfied! I used another email marketing software and it was really complicated and also got emails rejected because any other reason. I will upgrade to the full version since this is what I need for my small business to work.

We're using AMS a few years now and are very satisfied with the functionaliy and ease of use.

A down to earth "no frills" package that's economical and gets the job done. Simple to use and effective. For a simple e-mailing program solution I would not hesitate to recommend it.

After browsing the internet for many email marketing solutions, I came across many products, however when I found AMS and tried the trail version, I understood that AMS, offered me more than just an excellent mail sending program, the customer service I have received is exceptional and professional, therefore I decided to purchase this product and use the full features that it offered. I cannot emphasize more on the power of this program from, speed, user friendliness and professionalism.

Atomic Mail Sender is able to face over hundred thousand emails without any problem. This is a very professional software.

After downloading a trial of the Mail Sender I was so impressed I purchased it within hours. I love the fact that although it is simple to use, it is also very powerful - and very fast. Very impressed!

We have used Atomic Mail Sender for several years now in connection with our business.

By using the program in a considerate and sympathetic approach to our customer base it has proved to be a great revenue generator!

We needed a solution to move design & sending of email news letters out of the IT department to our users base, Atomic Mail Sender does this perfectly the easy to use design tools gave less experienced users the ability to complete the task by themselves with a relatively small amount of training.

Good easy to use software that helps us with email sending

Atomic Mail Sender is a fantastic, easy and simple way to send thousands of emails with a click. Compose easy… send quickly!

We’ve been using the Atomic Mail Sender for a few years now and I’m glad to say that it has made our lives very easy. We have a big database of members to whom we have to communicate on a regular basis. Atomic Mail Sender stays up to date with the latest technology and ensures that our emails get delivered. Thank you for a great product.

Because of recent ordinance changes on the internet our bulk emails were not getting through to our customers. They were either being stopped by our ISP or the servers. We had to find a way to get our emails out without using these servers. Atomic Email Sender was exactly what we needed! We found it to be as simple as any email program and not only does our mail get through now using their free servers but they get through problem free and faster than Windows email products. If Atomics' other products are as good as this we plan to use them! Want to send bulk emails problem free? Get the Atomic Email Sender! It's great!

I’ve been using Atom Park software for a couple years now and as a freelance web developer this is one of the most valuable software vendors  I currently use. I own Atomic Email Sender and Atomic Email Hunter. What I consider the key points are:

  • Easiness to use, just plain-none-complicated instructions
  • Many settings to adapt to every situation.
  • Although I only had to use their support service one time I can say their support team is very responsive and knowledgeable.

I’m still due to upgrade to the Atomic Email Studio, which after witnessing the wonders of their other software, I’m going to do it very soon.

We wanted a faster, easier method of sending promotional emails from multiple lists. Our email software and database could do the job but that meant a lot of labour and it also blocked out us being able to receive emails whilst it was processing. With just a few clicks Atomic Mail Sender can schedule and send out thousands of emails to any numbers of lists in a fraction of the time without blocking our important line of communication. The associated products are just as helpful and easy to use.

I just wanted to email you and let you know how happy I am with your "Bulk Emailer." I downloaded it today (07/18/07) and I had NO problems with loading, sending, configuring...etc. I sent a test email that even worked! I've tried 6-10 other Bulk Email Softwares in the past 6 weeks and it seems a person would have to be a "Rocket Scientist" to make them work. Your's worked the very first time I tried it.

Very good, goes much faster and not as many blockages by my Norton Anti-Virus, I am now sending at a rate of around 100 per minute, before it was about 15 a minute.

Your bulk email software has helped boost our revenue stream. The boost is about 40%. We recommend your programs for all Internet companies.

I recently purchased Atomic Mail Sender and I think it is a great bulk emailer. I just tested it with about 20k emails and it sent those out fairly quick.

I have looked at about 15 mass mailing products... there are many feature sets.. If I may, I'd like to say that you product flows very nicely.. One thing that I have seen in some other products is the capability to embed back ground sounds in the email/ newsletter...

… I am so impressed by this new program that I have put free links on to my website.
…This version 3.0 works 100% and I can recommend it to other people in South Africa !...

…I now own your entire suite of products and I'm very happy and will be recommending you to my friends! Thanks,

Looks good for newsletters and advertising mail, nice functionality and works great without bugs.

Spell Checker! Great improvements. Great product!