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Atomic Mail Sender screenshots

Below are screenshots made in Windows Vista. Atomic Mail Sender also runs under Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, NT and 2003.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 1 - Main Window

Main window of Atomic Mail Sender

You can create a message like you do that in Outlook by using any font styles, inserting the images and attaching the files. All common text editing controls are available.

You may also attach file or any type.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 2 - Email Templates

Email templates

You can create your email newsletter by using built-in HTML templates.

Our collection contains email templates for certain situations. Naturally you can modify the suggested templates or use your own template. Additional templates are available here.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 3 - Merge Emails

Email merge

Mail merge is the perfect way to create a common e-mail message that contains unique elements, so each customer receives a personalized version. And you can automatically send the message to all your customers or just to the customers you specify

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 4 - Email Addresses window

Email addresses window

Load a list of addresses here. Add e-mail merging data. Create, edit and save your mailing list databases in this window.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 5 - Message Detail Editing Window

Message details editing window

Here you can define the return-address (in order to receive the responses from your subscribers). Any files can be attached to the message here.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 6 - Common Settings

Common Settings of Atomic Mail Sender

This is the Control Panel of the mailer. You change the connection settings there, message layout specification, etc.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 7 - Task Settings

Task settings window

Schedule email sending by specifying particular rules for any of your projects (email campaigns).


Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 8 - Test Message

Test message

Before sending out bulk email send a test message to evaluate the programs' functionality and to verify if the programs settings are correct. You can view the sent message log in 'SMPT connection report' describing the message-sending process to know at what stage the error, if any, has occurred.

If test messaging is ok, you can use the program for bulk emailing.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 9 - Email Campaign Tracking

Set the program to track your email campaign

Open 'Service' -> 'Newsletter tracking' menu, enter the Tracker Account Login (create it beforehand) and the Message ID (any identifier for your campaign).

Once you are registered with the Atomic Email Tracker service and the tracking code is inserted, Atomic Email Tracker starts checking the specified campaign immediately.

Atomic Mail Sender Screenshot 10 - Email Campaign Monitoring

Send Mail Monitor

View the mail sending process here. You can stop, pause and resume the process at any time you like. The detailed reports are also available there.

Do you like this group mailer?

The current version of Atomic Mail Sender is distributed as a shareware. Before ordering, you can get Atomic Mail Sender demo version for free. In an unregistered version some features are locked (you can send bulk email to at most 50 recipients), buy a registration kay to unlock such features.

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