Mass email software (Atomic Mail Sender) with the HTML support - make your e-mail eye-catching!

Mass mailer screenshotCurrently, HTML mass email is becoming very popular among e-marketers. Many people use it on a regular basis in electronic communications. Most mailers support HTML messages (e.g. Microsoft Outlook Express, The Bat!, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.). The support of HTML becomes a reasonable requirement for mass email campaigns. Yet currently, not every mass mailer is capable of sending HTML email messages. Therefore, choosing a solution for a mass email-based campaign, you should make sure that your mass email sending software can process HTML.

Our mass mailer is designed for e-mail marketing campaigns. Atomic Mail Sender offers a complete solution for HTML-based email advertising. It is an easy-to-use, powerful and cost-effective email marketing tool for Internet business professionals. Being a bulk mailer, Atomic Mail Sender helps marketers increase revenues and offers better customer service options. This HTML mailer supports the following:

  • Any fonts (faces and sizes) in your e-mail;
  • Images in e-mail;
  • Message background - a color or an image
  • Attached files of any types;
  • Clickable http: and mailto: links.

Atomic Mail Sender provides a comfortable user interface for creating and editing newsletters and email messages with the HTML support. Just imagine - you create a template for your newsletter, save it once and then re-use it for all further needs. Simply look at the screenshots to evaluate it!

Atomic Mail Sender supports personalized mass email delivery. It means that each message can contain personal user information - his name, MSN Messenger number, email address, etc. Your message will look like a normal email message, not like unsolicited junk e-mail. All personal information is stored in a single file together with the mailing list and is merged with email automatically when messages are being sent.

The number of subscribers in your mailing list is not limited. The program sends messages extraordinary fast. You can send emails to thousands of people in a few minutes! The list of subscribers is maintained automatically by Atomic Subscription Manager.

How to order this mass email marketing program?

The current version of Atomic Mail Sender is distributed as a shareware. You can download Atomic Mail Sender for free and try it before purchasing. In an unregistered version some features are locked (you can send bulk email to at most 50 recipients), to unlock such features a registration is required.

The fully licensed version can be ordered on our web site using any major credit card or PayPal. To order Atomic Mail Sender, simply click on the "Buy..." link below. Learn more about alternative payment methods here.

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