Interview with Atomic Mail Sender developer

The interview was held by Mike Dulin, owner of SharewareRadio at Evgeny Medvednikov, the developer of Atomic Mail Sender.


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Mike DulinMike Dulin: Today we are having an interview with Evgeny Medvednikov. Evgeny has a software company called Atompark Software. He makes e-mail software. Evgeny, tell us a little about your software. There are three packages, aren't there?

Evgeny Medvednikov: Our main product is Atomic Mail Sender. It is a newsletter management program to send a SPAM FREE group mail.

D.: And you also have software that you use to manage them?

E.: Yes, we also have Atomic Mail Verifier and Atomic Subscription Manager - software to help web-masters to maintain the mailing lists automatically.

D.: Is your software run on server's side or on the user's computer?

E.: This is Windows applications running on the user's computer.

D.: What advantage do your software have of other mass e-mail senders of newsletters and things like that?

medvednicoff EVGE.: Many people say us thanks for very easy and friendly-user interface and we think that our software is very easy for the beginners to start up their first e-mail campaign.

D.: Do you offer templates for users for newsletters?

E.: Yes, we have a few free built-in templates in Atomic Mail Sender.

D.: Can a user send out an e-mail with HTML with your product?

E.: Sure, we support both HTML e-mail and text-based e-mail.

D.: I suppose it also supports attachments, doesn't it? Like for PDF newsletters?

E.: Yes, it suports any typed of attaches. PDF files as well. In other words, Atomic Mail Sender can act like Microsoft Outlook but it supports many bulk mailing lists options.

D.: Can you use e-mail management software with personal addresses and other private information of the customers?

E.: User can match any additional information to his messages. All email merge options are available in Atomic Mail Sender.

D.: Let us talk about the price. How much does your product cost?

E.: The price of a single-user license is $ 89.9.

D.: You can pay online… at Let us talk a little bit about you. Where did you go to University at?

E.: I've studied at Telecommunications University of Saint Petersburg. My profession is a telecommunications engineer.

D.: How then did you get to software?

E.: I always liked programming and decided to start my own software business.

D.: Aga.

E.: First it was just like hobby. But later I've realized that it can be my main business but not telecommunications.

D.: Let's come back to your software and talk a little bit about that why did you split it in 3 products instead of one bundle in one product?

E.: It's because... well, for example, in Atomic Mail Sender we often issue the new versions, because SMTP-protocols change very often. And, for example, Atomic Subscription Manager does not need so often changes because mailing list management is done at the end-user computer. Therefore we have three different programs.

D.: Let us say I have a mailing list of 5.000 users. How long does it take for that to be verified and checked? And how does it exactly work?

E.: The time of verification will depend on the seeped of Internet connection. It usually takes at good DSL-connection half an hour or so.

D.: How long does it take to send an e-mail at a mailing list of 5.000?

E.: If you send simple text message without attachments and heavy graphics it can take half an hour or one hour. For example, one year ago when I sent about 5.000 messages to our customers it took me one hour or so at slow 56K modem connection.

D.: Ok. You have to verify the mailing list. How does it work and maintain the list?

E.: The bases are not updated by us. The mailing list bases are storied at the user's computer and when he decides to verify his mailing list he launches Atomic Mail Verifier, then opens the lists, click "Start" button and the program makes the rest - tries to establish SMTP-connection and to send mails, and then the SMTP-server reports whether the address valid or invalid and it makes a conclusion whether the e-mail address is alive or dead.

D.: So, how to manage the mailing lists? Keep tracking the subscribers to unsubscribe?

E.: Using Atomic Subscription Manager you can subscribe and remove the users automatically.

D.: So, let's say I've subscribed to mailing list and decided to unsubscribe. ….So, how do I get it to the software?

E.: Atomic Mail Sender downloads downloads the e-mail addresses with removal requests and removes these addresses from the mailing list.

D.: Ok. So, when the user want to unsubscribe - that is all what happen?

E.: Right, and it also sends a notification to the user that he is unsubscribed.

D.: That is a double check?

E.: Yes, it's a double check included by default. Atomøñ Subscription Manager Supports the double check only (for security reasons).

D.: So that to keep spammers from using this. That is a good idea. Certainly people would like to know about that. Is there anything we have not talked about your software and that people would like to know about it?

E.: I can say about our main advantages. All our programs can work in a bundle so that the users do not have to bother about the compatibility. All the programs are integrated to each other. For example, you can run Email Verifier and Subscription Manager from Atomic Mail Sender and so on.

D.: Ok. That all look very good.

E.: So, we find integration very important. It is a key point, a key advantage of our software.

D.: Ok. Let us talk about your web-address again - We have been talking with Evgeny Medvednikov.

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