Atomic List Manager Online FAQ

Please find answers to frequently asked questions about Atomic List Manager Online or contact us by email.

Atomic List Manager service - what is this?

List Manager Service is an online mailing-list manager capable of maintaining several e-mail lists for building a "quality" and personalized one that does not contain invalid or unwanted addresses.

How effective List Manager is?

As a result of List Manager service work, mass e-mail marketer gets better, personalized list of valid e-mails that does not contain unwanted addresses. Naturally open, click-though, and ROI ratios increase up to 15-25%.

Which files types can be processed?

The program can process CSV and text files (one or several at once) that containing only emails or multiple data parameters.

Is it possible to test Atomic List Manager service for free before purchasing?

Yes, Atomic List Manager subscribers are entitled to evaluate the service for free during 3 days. There are no trial limitations! Trial account can be created here.

How do I subscribe to Atomic List Manager service?

Registration form is available at Your Atomic List Manager password will be emailed to you upon registration immediately.

I have lost my password. How can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your List Manager service password at, it will be sent to you by email.

How can I change my password?

Click on "Settings" to change your password and email.

How do I extend my Atomic List Manager account?

If your Atomic List Manager service account has expired, the proper notice will appear in the upper right corner. To extend your account please click on "Extend account" and choose any payment option you like.

What is your server response time?

Our server response time is very fast but it depends on lists length and on operations you execute. Most of mailing list operations are done in seconds.

How do I start using your service?

To get started please

  1. Check if your account is active.
  2. Download files containing lists to be processed to our server by clicking on
    - "Upload files" if you wish to download to the server file (CSV of text) stored on your PC
    - "Add list" if you wish to create a file to be processed right on our server by coping and pasting email list.
    Lists uploaded (or added) to the server are displayed like menu tabs and named after proper file names. Click any tab to view the content of that file. Besides, the uploaded files are available in "operation" sections to check them choose the file(s) to process.
  3. On the upper menu choose any list management tool.
  4. Select one or several files you wish to be processed from the "Files stored on a server" table.
  5. Choose any option from "Manage a file" sections. The result of processing can be saved to the same file on the server, as a new file on the server or just displayed and saved to your computer.
  6. Click on "Start" to proceed chosen files processing.

What operations can I perform within Atomic List Manager Service control panel?

List management tools intended to work with one file only:

  1. Delete duplicates - removes duplicate records from your list.
  2. Save email only - creates a new list containing emails only extracting them from the original list. This feature is useful when, e.g. your email list contains a lot of additional data.
  3. Sort list - sorts the records within your list by
    - whole string,
    - email addresses,
    - domain addresses (e.g.,
    - domain addresses first level (e.g. com),
    - domain addresses second level (e.g. atompark)
  4. Kill suspicious e-mails - purges your email list of "suspicious" e-mails like
    - NULL@...,
    - REMOVE@...,
    - SUBSCRIBE@...,
    - UNSUBSCRIBE@...,
    - CANCEL@...,
    - NEWSLETTER@...,
    - ACCOUNT@...,
    - MAILER-DAEMON@...,
    - BOUNCE-MAIL@...
  5. First level domain check - checks email address top-level (first level) domains for validity within a selected file and creates a new "clear" one.. E.g. ".com" domain is valid, ".h7" does not exist, so emails containing such domains will be removed from the resulting list.

List management tools intended to process several files at once:

  1. List union - merges several mailing lists into one file (data from one list will be just added to another one).
  2. List intersections - makes a new list containing only the same records available in all picked lists.
  3. Subtraction - subtracts the list A from the list B to return a new list where all elements of list A equal to one of the elements of list B have been removed
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