Atomic List Manager Online Features

  • Removing duplicates
    Removal of duplicate emails in the mailing list.
  • Extracting emails
    You can extract emails only from a mailing list containing lots of extra information
  • Sorting lists
    You can sort lists by the whole line, my email, by domain name (for example,, by domain name (for example, .com)
  • Remove suspicious emails
    The service removes emails with suspicious words, like NULL@..., REMOVE@..., SUBSCRIBE@..., UNSUBSCRIBE@..., CANCEL@..., NEWSLETTER@..., ACCOUNT@..., MAILER-DAEMON@..., BOUNCE-MAIL@..., etc.
  • Checking top level domains
    Check a top-level domain of the email address. For example, .com is a correct TLD and will be present in the final list, .h7 is a wrong domain and the address will be removed from the mailing list
  • Merging lists
    Join several mailing lists into one
  • Extracting only emails found in several lists
    the final list will have only emails found in all source mailing lists
  • Substation of lists
    Substact List from List and you get a new list containing emails from List A excluding those found both lists.