Atomic List Manager Features

Atomic List Manager is capable of 19 operations for managing mailing lists. In practice you can perform any of these operations on a list of any size. The most popular List Manager features are:

  • Sorting
    Handle mailing lists using different customized criteria. You can sort lists of any size instantly using list management options.
  • Deleting duplicates
    Remove email addresses that duplicates within your mailing list. Get a new list of email addresses with unique ones and a list of duplicated emails.
  • Splitting lists
    Using list manager is the most easy and quick way to split a large list of email addresses into some smaller. The splitting criteria can be number of emails in new lists or file size. Apply additional splitting parameters for getting several target mailing lists. For example, you can separate emails of or to the separate files. This provides you with an opportunity to send your mailings to highly-target email addresses and increase response rate.
  • Merging lists
    Unite that number of lists you need into a unique one with non-duplicate emails only.
  • Lists intersection
    Lists intersections means to compare several lists and extract emails each list contains. So you can select only users that are found in several mailing lists.
  • Adding names to an email list
    In order to make your email campaigns more effective it is recommended to personalize mailing lists. When working with lists of email addresses you can also add names to the list if you have such information available.
  • Extracting emails only
    If your mailing lists contain lots of additional or simply unwanted information, you can use this function for creating a clear emails-only list.
  • Removing suspicious and invalid emails
    Sometimes email harvesters can collect bad email addresses. Atomic List Manager can fix with this problem and just remove all suspicious or invalid email addresses to a separate list. Nevertheless it is recommended to verify each of your mailing lists before sending a mass campaign.
  • New list generating
    List Manager is capable of generating new email addresses as well as new mailing lists by adding available user names, like info@, admin@ to other domains. As a result you will get a list of possible emails remaining to verify it.
  • Repairing damaged emails
    As sometimes users or you can misspell email addresses the program has a function of repairing damaged email addresses based on comparison with popular domains names. For example, List Manager will repair as
  • Checking domain names
    Built-in list of popular domain names allows the program to check top-level domains comparing them with the existing ones. This function is suitable for repairing junk emails that were extracted by email extractors.
  • Filtering list by some criteria or fields
    You can split email lists into smaller ones using various criteria. This feature is very useful when you want to make your mailing lists more target or extract certain emails only.

Most actions are performed in seconds no matter how long the list is. The application is fully compatible with Atomic Mail Sender and other Atomic products.