Discounts for Atomic Products

Regular customer discount

Our regular customers can get discounts on Atomic products from 20 to 80%. View discounts in your personal, password-protected Member Area in Discount section. Personal information (login and password) is sent by email along with with order and payment details.

Upgrade 40% OFF

A free software upgrade is available within 1 year of the moment of purchase. After the free upgrade period, you can upgrade products at a 40% discount. In order to track your upgrade status, go to the Member Area, where you'll find the Registration keys section.

20% education discount

We are glad to provide teachers and students with a 20% discount upon request. Please contact us at annagorina [at] to get this discount. Proof of qualification for the education discount is required.

Link to us and get a 20% OFF coupon

You can get a 20% discount if you leave a note, testimonial, or comment about our software with a link to this website on any related blog or forum.

Place a link to us to a site that has Google PageRank 3 or higher. Let us know about it. We will provide you with a discount coupon. Using this coupon you'll pay 20% less for any of Atomic products.