Problems with the ordering?

If you have completed an order form and our billing system rejected you, please check the following:

  • Enter NON-FREE e-mail address in the order form. We receive a lot of frauds from free e-mail owners and have to block them. Use an e-mail address at your ISP or a working e-mail. We'll use your e-mail address only once - to send registration details.
  • Check the credit card data - you have to enter 16 digits appeared in a front side of a card. Enter valid card expiration date - month and year, this is required information to process the payment. Also validate the card name - VISA, Master Card, Discover etc. Enter valid cardholder name - it is checked automatically and could be a reason to discard the payment.
  • Choose a country where you are located. We check it by your IP address and may block the payment automatically if IP doesn't match the country.
  • Try to order by phone or fax - see details here.
  • Still failed? Please contact us immediately to resolve the problem. We are glad to help you!

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