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Atomic Blue Sender screenshots

Main window of Atomic Bluetooth Sender

1. Main window of Atomic Blue Sender

Atomic Blue Sender is very easy in use

  • Add a list of files containing advertisement
  • Scan for devices, and
  • Start sending.

To send in automatic mode, select all or some files and press the "Send Autmotically". In this mode (only available for registered versions) Atomic Blue Sender starts scanning and sending automatically to all devices found. Once all files are sent, Blue Sender will start the process again, looking for new devices.


2. Configure your Atomic Blue Sender

This feature allows to customize different characterists of the Atomic Blue Sender. The shortcut key for this option is F4:

Configure  the connections mode of Atomic Blue Sender

Configuration -> Connection window

Retry count - set here a value that indicates the number of attempts to establish connection to any device.

Retry delay - enter here the number of seconds that Blue Sender has to wait between each attempt to establish connection.

Threads is number of advertising messages that can be sent simultaneously

Configure  the automatic mode of Atomic Blue Sender

Configuration ->Automatic Mode

In this window, some configuration parameters that determine how Blue Sender will send automatically can be set.

view more info about Bluetooth-enabled devices

3. Device details

Blue Sender also allows users to find more detailed information about any Bluetooth® device found. To do so, the 'Details' button (see the 1st screenshot) located in the device toolbar has to be pressed after selecting a device contained in the grid.


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