hi i dont like the "not sure" part when its a verified it should be: good or bad not good, bad, not sure. i can be not sure myself about a mail if i want to best regatfs sky email verified has only fail and ok

Marked my work email addy as invalid which I'm quite certain is a valid email . Also couldn't get the SMTP functionality working and the help documentation wasn't very helpful.

Very user-friendly platform. Fast and accurate verification of bulk email list. Strongly recommended for email marketers!

Atomic mail verifier is very useful for me it save lots of my time in cleaning and maintaining a good data base for our site. A must tool for everyone.

This is a great tool, easy to set up and work with plus very efficient. Thanks guys

The Website is still under process . We are a very small retail startup in Pune ( India) and since we have a huge mailing list that we need to reach out to the maximum number of people across the city we found the Atomic Email verifier wery helpful in cleaning our list up hence decided to go for the full version of it... Cheers

Tried the demo. Bought the software. Works great.

After searching through the Internet for an email address verifier we found Atomic Mail Verifier, a really perfect software, and we decided to opt for it. Its truly an awesome product.

Atomic Software is great! Highly recommended. I personally use Email Verifier and I love it.

Atomic Mail Verifier is a very interesting program and even avoid problems with ISPs.

This is the best software I found that does a great job. And compared to other products out there, this one is very affordable.

  I am now ready to purchase and appreciate the help I got from Galina Bondarenko. I look forward to use the program.

Atomic Mail Verifier is a perfect software. With this software I have increased the delivery rate of my emails up to 95%.

getting error Port 25 is blocked? How to Solve this issue, please give solution contact 7710010373

Atomic mail verifier blocked my email id and port 25 and now my internet connection not working. info@pacecellulars.com im using this email id but on application shows invalid email id and all yahoo mails are showing invali id.

After testing the email verifier, which is working really well, I am going to buy it. Can only recommend this product.

I am normally very skeptical but the software works very well. Also, what I really like is the customer service. Great people who are very patient.

Hi have been using Atomic Email Verifier and recommend it to clean lists before sending emails.

I think Atomic verifier is a good solution to verify the mails all over the world.

Great !

This is a great tool - easy to set up and to work with.Thanks for making Atomic Verifier!

Nice Software. Easy to use. Straight to the point.

I tried out Atomic Mail Verifier to clean a rather large list of emails and it works great. I tried 4 other products from other companies and they did not work as well as yours. I am happy with your product.

Its good product to perfects Emails...

I tried the trial product. The accuracy was 99%. I tested it on a sample list.

Hi, we looking for atomic email verifier.

We feel amazing to use Atomic Email Verified Software. Our business has increased tremendously just be spending a few dollars on email verification!!! The process of verification is faster than I had imagined.

I was looking for email verification software for a long time, and after a long search I found and realized that Aomic Mail Verifier is the BEST SOLUTION for me and my company, highly recommended. 

this is my company details and I would like to get a discount

its the software which can be helped us a lot to verify the emails at 3 levels and coordinate with facebook as well.....it can reduce the spam and increse the delivery rate...

Comprei e não recebi o Serial do programa, Atomic Verifier online parabens p/ vc's

It is a Pharma research Journal

Great tool to check emails... Appriciate!

Great product, we are using it for large email varification and it work well.

Fantastic software and very handy

The software requires port 25 access, which is not available with any ISP I can find. Therefore, the software is useless.

its a great tool, comes handy when needed, thank you.

I used this atomic mail verifier and got good services.

very well service from support side.

AtomPark has both useful email verification software and good customer service.

I've been using the trial version and I can't wait to have the full version. It exceeds my expectation and I am happy to use it.

Very nice Software and also very good Support Team. Thankyou for Giving me a Lovely Software.

great software to verify mailing list. enjoying it !

hi i tested the services of email verified its good.

I have tested Atomic Email Verifier, It's good and very helpful to avoid bad and inactive emails. It really works.

Sono senza parole. Ottimo

ho usato la demo ed è molto interessante, peccato che il prezzo sia un po' alto ma alla prima offerta interessante lo comprerò.

I used trial version. I checked with mixing few bad emails. The success rate is awesome. It's about 99%. Highly recommended

Awesome product.

I have used trial version of this software and its quite awesome. its filters all your bad emails address from the bulk. So there will be no spam at all

I wanted to commend you all on such a great update to your Mail Verifier, and the quick 8.1 update (Gmail was naughty?)

I use it almost every day, and with 8.x version it has become super awesome!!! It was great before, but its tight now!


Very Nice software with Free from long time,filter by in v - d email ids., Good- my write a testimonial Thanking you

I've tried Atomic mail Verifier and i'm very satisfied for the quality and the simplicity of that product.

i am tired to sending bulk mail. coz i have many junk data. but after the email verifier i have a refine email data. that is the good for me and all mail servers. Email verifier worked amazing for me with high accuracy! Great software!

The email verifier worked amazing for me! It helped me reduces invalid email addresses by high accuracy! Great software!

Great tool, For verifying bulk email list. I recommend to all.

Nice software and also got fantastic customer support, cheers guys

I very like the three verification levels: syntax; domain existence, e-mail address existence. If you have a lot of addresses, only verifying the syntax and domain existence will be a great idea.

Im interesting it and i see can verifier to yahoo

this softwere is not usable do not tray this waste of money

My website was build to help people that had be effected by the BP oil spill in 2010. The work has included customer contact with the use of Atomic Mail Sender and Atomic Mail Verifier. Its a very solid piece of software and we have use list of 10,000 people to send emails to. The software can be set to only send 300 emails per hour per domain, this has help us not get in trouble with our hosting company when sending so many emails at one time. It can also rotate between domains when sending out giving the software great speed. We have been very satisfied with the software and we use it weekly for customer contact.

I purchased both Hunter and Verifier yesterday. I am very pleased with both products. They are much better than similar products, for example Fast Email Extractor. Your programmer has obviously been working very hard to get the bugs out of the last few versions. If you google Winston Steward, you'll see that I'm an author of end-user computer books...

…You have made a great piece of software. We cut out 3000 bad email address from our list of 12000.

The verifier is awesome and is saving me a lot of time. We are just now seeing the value of e-marketing.....great stuff. Thanks