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Atomic Mail Verifier screenshots

The following screenshots made in Windows Vista. Atomic Mail Verifier also support Windows XP, 2000, 2003, NT, ME and 98.

Atomic Email Verifier Screenshot 1 - Main Window

Main window of Atomic Mail Verifier

You can load your mailing list here and watch the entire process of e-mail addresses verification. At the right part of the window the connection log is displayed.


Atomic Email Verifier Screenshot 2 - Commong Settings

Common Settings window

The Control Panel of the email verifier. You can customize the proxy settings, DNS server addresses and other connection options here.

Atomic Email Verifier Screenshot 3 - Email address export/save

Results exporting

In the Export Wizard (available in File menu) you can save the addresses with the different stases.

Atomic Email Verifier Screenshot 4 - Email address Export/Save Format

Results exporting

You can save the verified addresses to a file or any MS Office application.

Also, AMV support direct transfer of verifier addresses into Atomic Mail Sender for mass mailing.


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