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Atomic Mail Verifier Screenshot - Verifiy email addresses and mailing lists Thanks to electronic mail, mass communication made a quantum leap towards becoming a truly effective marketing mechanism. As we immerse into the new digital era of limitless communication, we use various tools for organizing our mass message delivery activities.

Successful e-business managers knows that the customer database and mailing list maintenance task is one of the toughest, yet the most rewarding one. Besides acquiring and storing a database with subscribers' e-mail addresses, there is another important task - periodical email address verification. People tend to use several e-mail addresses at once as well to abandon addresses overfilled with spam. And everyone loves getting new addresses too!

Now that we know this happens, it is wise to check the mailing list for the so-called 'dead' addresses every now and then, i.e. to "clean" the mailing list. However, since most email address verification programs take so long to process an average database, many managers omit this important stage. As a result, we get unrealistic expectations, which, in its turn, means direct profit loss. So, are we stuck here? No, not really! Introducing Atomic Mail Verifier, unique mailing list entry verification software, intended for lightning-fast automatic verification of e-mail databases of all sizes!

Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV) utilizes all three available e-mail address verification techniques allowing you to choose between the fastest check time and the highest quality of processing ("deep" mailing list cleanup). Among those techniques are e-mail address syntax checks, mail domain existence and response checks, and, finally, complete SMTP mailbox checks.

How does Email Verifier work?

After loading your mailing list for a cleanup, the program starts verifying each email address for validity. All addresses are checked in the multithreaded mode, which speeds up the entire process. Three steps of verification include:

  • Step 1: E-mail address syntax check. During this step, Atomic Mail Verifier marks invalid such addresses as, john!@$aol,com, etc. This task is perfomed in seconds.

  • Step 2: The availability of e-mail domains. During the second step, the program checks the availability of domains, i.e. it marks valid such addresses as, and marks invalid any nonexistent domain (for example,, The list becomes cleaner after this task.

  • Step 3: The existence of e-mail addresses on their mail servers. During the final step, the program tries to establish an SMTP connection with the mail server and checks each email address for validity there. Port 25 needs to be open for this verificaion step.

Competitive feature list of Atomic Mail Verifier

Main menu of email verifierThe advanced features of new Atomic Mail Verifier 5.00 version in comparison with the previous one are the following:

  • Full compatibility with Windows Vista;
  • Quality detection of live and dead e-mail addresses;
  • Understanding of spam blocking responses from mail servers;
  • Fast three-level email addresses verification;
  • Support of mailing lists of unlimited sizes;
  • Progress indicator of completed job;
  • Loading mailing lists from Excel, Word, Access, DBF, text files, Windows Clipboard, Outlook Address Book;
  • Loading mailing lists from e-mail extraction software;
  • Multilanguage version - Spanish, Russian and German languages are included.

The application is highly customizable and allows you to specify exactly how you want it to treat different kinds of e-mail addresses and mail domains and how you want it to display and save data for you. The multithreaded checkup engine, coupled with the wizard-style user interface and unbeatable price, makes AMV the perfect choice for serious e-commerce specialists.

Purchase and Download Atomic Mail Verifier

The current version of Atomic Mail Verifier is distributed as a shareware. You can download Atomic Mail Verifier for free and try it before purchasing.

In unregistered versions some features are locked, e.g. you can't save the results of verification. To unlock these features a registration is required. The fully licensed version can be ordered on our web site using any major credit card or PayPal. To order Atomic Mail Verifier, simply click on the "Buy..." link below. Learn more about alternative payment methods here.

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