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Why  register?

For many people, the most pressing reason to register is to get rid of  any limitations of trial version. For example Atomic List Manager trial has limits for large lists operations.

What other benefits shall you receive after registering Atomic List Manager?

  • First of all, you get Customer Support via email and over the phone.

  • Second, you get free software updates for a year(you can still use installed program after  one year however).

  • Third, you get reasonable discounts for purchase of other programs of our company and our partners(that is wide variety of software for emarketing, web design and web mastering and personnel activity control programs).
  • Finally, by registering the software, you provide us with the resources and incentive to support the software with updates and to develop additional quality products in future. This helps you to deal with many routine operations on automated basis and increases your efficacy.

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