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More email marketing software

Our company specializes at development of email marketing software. You can find our latest designs, program updates and other usefll resources at our web cite www.amailsender.com.

We offer you the entire package for successful email marketing campaign including:

  • Atomic eMail Harvester (top sales) - Your hard disk may contain thousands of e-mail addresses that you're missing out on. These addresses can be found in Program Files, the Internet browser cache, Outlook personal folder and many other places. Atomic Email Harvester allows you to gather this data fast and easy.

    Atomic eMail Sender (top sales) - is a universal tool for bulk personalized mailing. It supports both text and HTML formats of newsletters. It is fully integrated with other email marketing programs. It has built in SMTP server that allows you bulk mail without your ISP resources and also supports many threads mode of sending.

  • Atomic eMail Verifier (top sales) - Atomic Mail Verifier is a mailing list maintenance program. It verifies the existence of emails. It allows you to get rid of "dead"  emails in the list. It has three levels of verification and an option to chose the best for you.

  • Atomic Newsgroup Extractor - program for extracting emails from news groups (news servers). The search can be held on all available message bases with possibility of filtering of some groups.

  • Atomic Whois Extractor - program extract emails of domain owners that are listed in the response of Whois - server. The capability of functioning through rotated list of proxies allows to bypass  temporary IP blocking.

  • Atomic CD Extractor - small but very useful program for extracting emails from CDs. Just click one button and the program will get you all the emails from every CD inside for the moment.

  • Atomic IE Contacts Spy - Internet Explorer plug in that allows to  automatically gather emails, phone and fax numbers, ICQ and MSN contacts as you visit different web pages.

Please visit our web cite to find out more!


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