Send newsletter and monitor it

Mass mailer for newsletter advertising

Atomic Mail Sender is a flexible newsletter sending program with HTML mass email support and tracking facilities.

The program is perfect for sending personalized e-mails in bulk as it allows mail merging. The number of email addresses is unlimited. Integrate our bulk emailer with Atomic Email Tracker to control the effectiveness of your email campaigns by monitoring who opens your e-mail, clicks links or loads images in real-time mode. Atomic Mail Sender has its own internal SMTP server and delivers email messages directly to their recipients by passing your ISP mail system. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

Interview with Atomic Mail Sender developers (mp3)

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Track the effectiveness of your email campaign

Track newsletter effectiveness and monitor email campaign

Atomic Email Tracker is a web-based newsletter monitoring service.

Email campaign launched, how effective is it? Atomic Email Tracker service is here to answer that question! It provides detailed statistics (such as CTR, number of recipients who read newsletter and how often, clicked links, etc) and numerous graphical reports for unlimited number of email campaigns.

Atomic Email Tracker can be integrated with any mass emailer, but the easiest integration and the best performance is expected when used with Atomic Mail Sender.

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Email marketing in one interface

All-in-one mass email software

Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one email marketing software.

Email marketers use many types of software for their needs: programs for finding email addresses on contact pages, importing emails from Ourlook and databases, verifying emails, creatomg HTML newsletters and sending them, managing mailings lists, removing bounced emails and unsubscribing people who requested removal rom the mailing list.

Atomic Email Studio does all that and more - see the list of features and demo video.

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Verify email addresses

Verify mailing list email addresses. Email verification program.

Atomic Mail Verifier is a mailing list verification program to keep your email subscription lists fresh and updated.

Mailing lists have to be verified periodically as people use to change their e-mail addresses for various reasons, otherwise you will send hundreds or thousands of messages to abandoned e-mail accounts, wasting time and bandwidth.

All you need to do is to load a mailing list and then click a Verify button! The rest will be done by e-mail verifier automatically! Atomic Mail Verifier can be integrated with other Atomic email marketing related products.

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Manage opt-in/opt-out requests

Maintain Mailing list with mail list manager

Atomic Subscription Manager manages subscribe/unsubscribe requests by email subject and is recommended if you want to start your own email marketing campaign.

You need to set up the rules for your mailing list (how to subscribe and unsubscribe users) only once and then you can entirely forget about the program, all routine tasks are done automatically without any additional commands. The program can accept subscription and removal requests from e-mail messages and web forms making the subscription process absolutely flexible, because some users like to subscribe by e-mail, while others prefer web forms. This automatic mailing list manager runs in the stealth mode and is virtually unnoticeable.

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Manage mailing lists

Manage your  mailing list

Atomic List Manager is a software capable of maintaining one or several mailing lists with a huge amount of data in order to build a "quality" and personalized one that does not contain invalid or unwanted addresses.

Atomic List Manager can purge the list of "suspicious" e-mails, is capable of both splitting and merging mailing lists, as well as of a number of "mix-and-match" and filtering tasks. As a result, naturally open, click-though, and ROI ratios increase up to 15-25%!

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Manage mailing lists on-line

Perform mailing list operations on-line

Atomic List Manager Online is a subscription based version of Atomic List Manager.

Actually, it is a cost-effective solution

Create your Atomic List Manager Online account and get 3 days for free evaluation!

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Send replies automatically

Email Autoresponder - send sequential email replies automatically

Atomic Email Autoresponder takes upon itself the most part of interaction with your prospects and customers allowing you to communicate with your customers more effectively.

After a new person registers on your site, Atomic Email Autoresponder starts «talking» this person. And believe us, you will succeed! The second important purpose of the program is increasing customers' loyalty. According to the latest estimates, expenses on keeping customers are considerably lower than expenses on attracting new ones. Make friends with your customers – it pays!

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Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter is specialized software for extracting email addresses from the web.

Whether there is a list of topical websites or just a keyword, this email extractor can find target email addresses and generate a contact list. A large amount of filter settings and opportunities to limit search results helps to make more task-oriented search. The only requirement for finding and extracting email addresses is to enter a search request and click start button.

Atomic Email Hunter provides a target list of hundreds of email addresses that can be saved locally or used with other Atomic products for list managing or email addresses verifying.

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Atomic Lead Extractor

Extract information from Internet

Do you need to find emails, phone numbers, Skype data or ICQ? Atomic Lead Extractor can easily do it for you. It requires only URL of websites and a keyword. Lead Extractor can work with emails encoded with Javascript. All found results can be saved on your PC.

The main distinctive feature of Atomic Lead Extractor ‐ is that it capable to use plugins to find different types of contact information. You are free to use either plugins of AtomPark Software or any other.

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Atomic Email Logger

Explore your PC

Are you still in search for new addresses and you do not know, where to get them? Your hard disc is full of them, you just don't know about them. Atomic Email Logger is able to find these addresses for you. It does not require Internet connection. All data, that was found can be saved to your computer.

The program can work with any types of files. Email Logger includes plugins for extracting addresses from the *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.wab, *.xls and *.xlsx files. For other types you'll need additional plugins. You'll need some plugins. It can be Atomic solutions or any other.

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Newsgroup Extractor

Newsgroups are opened for you now.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer can find contact emails in messages on NNTP-servers, including private newsgroups locked under the password. Newsgroup is the place, where people with the same interests communicate. This place is full of emails, emails that will suit you with 100% guarantee.

All you need is to choose needed NNTP server and pick the UseNet group and the search starts. The process doesn't require too much resources or additional software. It is capable to work with any of Windows.

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Atomic Whois Explorer

Atomic Whois Explorer has been developed for scraping email addresses, along with other contact data, from WHOIS database. Additionally, this software retrieves website expiration dates.

This tool is capable of exploring topical domain name or website you have specified, and gather website administrator' name, phone/fax number, email address, and other related information.

The main software advantage lies in automate search proceeding and the opportunity to save extracted contact data into a local file.

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Atomic Web Spider

Real-time email addresses extracting without much effort from the user side.

Atomic Web Spider scans websites a user visit, finds available email addresses even on password-protected webpages, and retrieves these email addresses to a separate local file or to the clipboard.

The program benefit is that it works as a browser plugin and extracts contact information safely. Easy data management is perfectly combined with a high search speed and filter settings. Just choose a list of topical websites and spend a few minutes to review them. Atomic Web Spider will hunt for email addresses automatically.

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Atomic CD Email Extractor

Discover new resources for searching for email addresses. Atomic CD Email Extractor is capable of scanning through CD or DVD drives for usable email addresses.

This software can extract email addresses from different documents on your CD, skipping poor and unpromising folders and file types like music, graphics and so on.

CD Email Extractor supports working with multiple drives and can run in background mode, copying email addresses into the program interface with the ability to save this list locally.

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